Mick Johnson

Mick Johnson was raised in Napa Valley, California.

As a self-taught visual artist, with a penchant for mechanical things, Urbanism and Social Geography were always of special interest. After working for 5 years as an Engineer for Sony and Fox Television, he moved to the desert to pursue interests in Architecture, Cultural issues, Art and became a student at UNLV. While earning a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and absorbing the teachings of Architect Richard Beckman and Philosopher Dave Hickey; he was called upon by Architecture Firms to design many award winning projects.
1995 found him studying Architecture in Lugano, Switzerland, where he traveled through Europe, studying the works of master Artists and Architects, all the time translating cultural and social organizations into his work.

Landing in Los Angeles in 1996, he earned the Degree of Masters of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-arc) while concurrently working for Architects such as; Frank Gehry, Frederick Fisher, Stephen Kanner, Gensler and others.

His Work ranges from large scale Museum and Airport Projects to intimate housing for Clients. He now devotes all his time to the making of art and space. His work displays a unique choice of perspective, both visual and interpreted, while focusing on the organization and beauty of social spaces.

  Carin Friedman

Carin Friedman was born in Denver but spent her teenage and college years in Virginia and the suburbs of Washington DC. Eventually she made the move to the west coast, spending time in San Francisco and then settling in Los Angeles, California. Growing up with a passion for art and creative expression, Carin also excelled at academics. At the urging of a favorite high school teacher, she turned her focus to architecture which combined several areas of her interest. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture at the University of Virginia. While there, she studied under the “Green Dean” William McDonough, who helped instill an early focus on environmentally conscious architecture. At the same time, her appreciation of art developed into a second major, giving her an additional Bachelor’s of Art in Art History.
As a registered architect, Carin has worked on a great variety of project types. She has applied both design and technical skills to large scale mixed use master plans, hospitality architecture and interiors, workplace interiors, entertainment venues, retail spaces, car dealerships, airport facilities, and residential architecture.

Along with her architectural work, she spends her time developing her interests in photography, graphic design, painting, and cooking. Her work is thoughtful, graphic, and focused on environmentally responsible design.

Mick Johnson : chronology and experience


1998 Master of Architecture Degree, Sci-Arc - Southern California Institute of Architecture
1995 International study in Vico Morcote, Switzerland
1995 Bachelor of Architecture Degree, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1985 Associate of Science Degree, Telecommunications/ Electronics, Napa Valley College
American Institute of Architects Associate Member No. 30114445 FCC- Radio Television Operator’s License No. PG-12-26863


1997 Oklahoma City Memorial Competition, Oklahoma City
1997 'Bigfoot' Football Stadium Competition, Santa Monica, CA
1996 Penn Gillette Residence (1996 Local A.I.A. Award winner), Las Vegas, NV
1996 'Reach Out Center' (1996 local A.I.A. Award winner), Las Vegas, NV
1996 Sci-Arc painting & Kinetic Art Exhibition
1996 Little Big Horn Memorial Competition, Montana
1995 Las Vegas Temporary Contemporary, 4 entries in-group show
1995 Las Vegas Architectural Exhibition; 3 entries; KOMA, Zero Cool House, Hansen Residence
1994 "Objects" - Artifacts from Architectural Design Explorations, Reed Whipple Cultural Center
1994 Leading Edge Design Competition, Los Angeles, Project utilizing commercial/retail spaces.
1994 KOMA - Korean America Museum of Art & Culture, Los Angeles, International Design Competition


2008- 2011 Space Architects, Designer/ Project manager – Los Angeles
2003-2006 Gensler Architects, Designer/ Project manager - Santa Monica (3 yrs. 3 mo.)
2000-2001 Scrafano Architects, Designer/ Project Manager Los Angeles and Chicago (1 yrs. 7 mo.)
1999-2000 Kanner/ Roberts Architects, Project Manager/ Designer, Los Angeles, CA June (9 mo.)
1997-1999 Frederick Fisher & Partners - Project Manager/ Job Captain/ Designer (2 yrs. 4 mo)
1998 Sci-Arc - Vertical Studio Teacher, Co-taught w/ Joseph Giovannini, (4 mo.)
1996-1997 Rock Architects - Job Captain/ Designer, Santa Monica, CA (7 months)
1996 Frank O. Gehry & Associates - Designer / Model Maker, Santa Monica, CA (Summer)
1994-1995 Carpenter Sellers Associates - Lead Designer/ Project Manager Las Vegas, NV (10 months)
1992-1994 Paul Steelman LTD –Job Captain/ Technical Las Vegas, NV (3 yrs)
1993-1995 Richard M. Beckman, A.I.A. - Designer/ Model builder, Las Vegas, NV (moonlighting 2 yrs, 6 mo.)
1995 Tate - Snyder Architects - Designer, Las Vegas, NV (moonlighting)
1989-1992 KCBA “Fox 35”- Engineer – Video Systems/ Telecomm., Salinas, CA 1992
1985-1988 Sony Corporation, Engineer - Broadcast Television Division, San Jose, CA (3 years, 6 mo.)


2003 "Half Tar, Half Art II", Silho, Los Angeles
2002 "Half Tar, Half Art", Off Rose Gallery, Venice
2002 "Mixed Messages", Larry Levi and River Trading, Los Angeles
2002 "Alvarado Exhibition", 13th District Councilman's Office, Los Angeles
2002 "Wall Space 2", Miller - Durazo Gallery of Fine Art, Los Angeles
2001 "Member's Exhibition", Second City Council Gallery: Art From a Viewpoint, Long Beach
2001 "Big Wave III", Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles
2001 "The 125 & $$$ Show", Gallery 201, Los Angeles
2001 "I'm in This Show", Fifty Bucks Gallery, Los Angeles
2000 "Xmas Show", 3 entries, group exhibition, Soho Gallery, Studio City
2000 "Beliefs, Faith & Religion", Second City Council Gallery: Art From a Viewpoint, Long Beach
2000 "Race, Culture & Ethnicity", Second City Council Gallery: Art From a Viewpoint, Long Beach
2000 "Wall Space", Miller - Durazo Gallery of Fine Art, Los Angeles
2000 "Silent Auction", and Open Studio, DADA-Downtown Arts District, Los Angeles
1997 "Personal Painting Show", Southern California Institute of Architecture
1997 "The Forum Casino", exhibition, Sci-Arc, paintings/ constructs and scale models
1996 "Open Light Installation", exhibition, Sci-Arc, Kinetic Drawing Machine, wire sculpture, projections
1996 "Rave Set LA", Built in old structure in LA
1996 "Fiat Lingotto Factory", exhibition, Sci-Arc, Concurrent Oil Paintings
1995 "Las Vegas Architecture Exhibition", 3 entries, group show
1995 "Constructs and Prouns", Las Vegas Temporary Contemporary, 4 entries, group show
1994 "Objects", Artifacts from Design Exploration, Reed Whipple Cultural Center

Carin Friedman : chronology and experience


Registered Architect Arizona #49508
LEED, 2.0 Accredited Professional


1998 Bachelor of Science Architecture, University of Virginia
1998 Bachelor of Art Art History, University of Virginia


2010-2011 MCO Design, Architect, Los Angeles, CA (1 yr. 2 months)
2000-2009 Gensler, Architect- San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA (9 yrs)
1998-2000 McMurray Wnuk Spurlock, Job Captain- Washington DC. (2 yrs.)